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Alabama Family Law is intricate and can be complicated but at the Law Offices of Melvin Hasting we’re here to help. When you work with Melvin Hasting on your family law case you can be sure your legal rights are being fully protected – we work hard to explain your options and guide you in the right direction in regards to your particular case.


Whether you are thinking about filing for divorce or have been served divorce papers, the expert legal advice of an experienced divorce lawyer is critical. Divorce, and all the legal ramifications that go with it, can be made less stressful and eliminate negative surprises when you have been fully educated on the divorce laws and proceedings that will be faced during divorce. Even if the divorce is an amicable one, there is still the emotional impact that can be minimized through education and good legal planning.

Divorce is one of the most common family law matters seen by family law attorney Melvin Hasting. Our office has years of experience handling even the most complicated divorce proceedings and can offer guidance on everything from custody to mediation.

You may not know that it only takes one party to dissolve a marriage in the state of Alabama. Alabama is a modified no-fault divorce state which means neither spouse must be cited "at fault" for the divorce in order for it to be granted by a judge.

Child Custody

If involved in a legal separation or divorce where children are involved, you will want to speak with attorney Melvin Hasting. Many important questions arise during divorce requiring answers, including who will get child custody, how custody arrangements are determined, how visitation is set up and what sharing legal custody of a child means. Many of the most complicated divorce cases result in custody disagreements. In Alabama, child custody and visitation is gender neutral and decided based on what’s in the best interest of the child. In all cases where custody becomes an issue mandatory mediation follows; Melvin Hasting is extremely familiar with the intricacies of mediation and can help guide you through this emotional process. Many time visitation and child custody arrangements can be worked on in mediation rather than in court.

In Court With a Family Law Attorney

In some cases litigation cannot be avoided Attorney Hasting will assert your rights and work with you on an aggressive and focused campaign to achieve your goals. Particularly in cases that involve child custody disputes it is crucial to have dependable, knowledgeable legal representation to assist you in navigating your divorce or family law issue.

Melvin Hasting has the experience, objectivity and education through years of practicing family law in Cullman to assist you with your case. Call us today to set up a consultation and start working with the Family Law Office of Melvin Hasting today.